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Well… I always felt spirits were closer to ghosts… Then again… I guess I’m not too far off from that.

[She looked thoughtful again.]

My name is Yuki. It is nice to meet you, Mei-san.

A nation? Like those things I read about in stories? But… That’s a landmass isn’t it? Unless…

[Her ears twitched curiously.]

Unless you’re a sort of spirit too?

Ah. I’ve never really given it much thought, but that makesense!

[ A grin took over her face. ]

It’s nice to meet you too, Yuki-chan! 

…Hm, not exactly. Though that brings up a point—I suppose we are spirits, in a way…but I’m not a ghost! 

I’m not bound to the land, but the people—well, you can just think of me as a person, to make things easier!

[ She puts a finger to her lips, hoping that made sense. ]

Why do you say you’re closer to a ghost? Are other people unable to see you?

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(by Abizeleth)


(by Abizeleth)


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